Magnet Therapies

Magneto therapy is both a science and art. This is a science as magnetism is similar to and works on the lines of, electricity and its application is an art as it involves the selection of magnets of different strength, to different parts; relieve different ailments of the body. It is a system of treatment which covers a vast field of therapeutics and can relieve almost all functional defects of the various systems working in the human body.

Reports from Japan, U.S.A., Russia, France etc.

Japan has promoted several companies which develop, manufacture and offer for sale several magnetic products for treatment of human ailment.

Dr. Albert Roy Davis, the Director of Albert Roy Research laboratory. U.S.A., has confirmed that he has arrested all forms of cancers, reduced tumours and controlled infections with the help of Biomagnetics.

Dr. K.E. Maclean of New York City has been using strong magnetic fields in the treatment of advanced cases of cancer and the results are reported to be remarkable.

Prof. D. Gignate of the Institute of Rheumatology of Rome University made some clinical researches on the patients suffering from various kinds of Rheumatism and reported the result are:

“Our observations concern 40 patients with various rheumatoid conditions at different stages. The results effected in the 40 patients show that one can without doubt affirm that the painful symptoms were influenced by the magnetism.

What Ministry of Ayush Says?

"Magnet therapy is a clinical system in which human ailments are treated and cured through the application of magnets to the body of the patients. It is the simplest, cheapest and entirely painless system of treatment with almost no side or after effects. The only tool used is the magnet.

Magnetic treatment is applied directly to the body parts by the therapeutic magnets available in different powers or as general treatment to the body.

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magnet therapy


  • Helps in balancing the energy.
  • Improves circulation to the applied area.
  • Increases the warmth in the body.

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When "Times of India" Talked about - "Magnet therapy silences schizoid mind's voices"...

Scientists led by psychiatrist Ralph E. Hoffmann of Yale University report in a recent issue of archives of general Psychiatry that of 12 patients who received up to 16 minutes of magnetic stimulation for nine days, nine said their hallucinations had improved. People reported that they were hearing voices less often and were less disturbed by such hallucinations when they did appear.

Credits to Times of India.

Success Rate – Globally.

More than 200 million people in the world globally use Magnet Therapy. Some of the published studies conducted in the past show a success rate of 75 to 95%. (Depending on the various medical conditions under observation).